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MyPoints Reviews

MyPoints Reviews

With MyPoints You Can :
- Get Paid To Shop & Purchase online.
- Get Paid To Play Games.
- Get Paid To Take Surveys.
- Get Paid To Read E-mails.
- Get Paid To Complete Offers.
- Get Paid To Click on Ads.
- Get Paid To Refer Friends & Family.

And You Will Earn :
- Online Gift certificates, Gift Cards, Gas Cards & more.
- Promotional & Discount Codes.
- Great online & offline shopping deals.
- Many more rewards.

MyPoints Review #1

MyPoints is awesome & easy .. especially if you purchase alot online - I've gotten many free gift certificates, Giftcards, MyPoints rewards & very happy for joining MyPoints!!
I installed MyPoints toolbar which help me increase my earning & it keeps me updated on my points balance all the time.
By: Sadne (CompareRewards)

MyPoints Review #2

Mypoints is an online affiliate web service that reward members for making purchases and/or completing offers from huge online merchants list. This great internet marketing company currently has more than ten million members earning rewards daily. Don't try to cheat MyPoints because they will close & disable your account right away. You can take advantage of MyPoints/CitiBank creditcards, Visa Or MasterCard.
By: Bryan (epinions)

MyPoints Review #3 is basically a reward program, You earn points very easy. Firstly, you can take surveys and earn 10 points per survey, but whether these get updated always so you will find many more to complete all time.
Secondly, you can earn points by visiting their huge amount of sponsors, all what you have to do is clicking on the sponsor link.
Thirdly, you can earn by getting "special offer" emails from them, as long as you read the email, you are awarded 10 points per email.
Finally you can earn money by buying products & services from their sponsors, Oh .. You can also earn Points by referring your friends and family, I think you get 100 points for each one. good luck.
By: brianlfc (ciao)

MyPoints Review #4

I joined mypoints back about 3 years ago. I've been very happy with this website and have earned quite a bit of points over the last two years. I have redeemed my points many times for gift cards, gas cards, and gift certificates. MyPoints offer promotional codes too. I really love this program so much & they also offer free ToolBar to help you find offers & products from their long merchants list. I redeem my points many times,MyPoints redemption system is very easy.
I applied for MyPoints/CitiBank Visa and it was great move anyway. They also offer MasterCard.
By: Patty (CompareRewards)

MyPoints Review #5

I started with MyPoints program four years ago and have loved the program so much. I visit MyPoints almost every day, sometimes even more, to see what I can earn! And what is better is that every member of your household can have an account as long as they are 18+ years old! Your chance for earning rewards & points will be doubled with adding another person in your downline. They also have a great promotion codes & discount coupons.
By: kld718 (epinions)

MyPoints Review #6 is a shopping/e-mail reading site that rewards its members in several ways. Reviews of emphasize the fact that points add up very quickly, with minimal effort, and members enjoy trading these points for free merchandise & services. By reading e-mails, taking surveys, and making purchases are among many ways which members do to earn reward points at
There is also a MyPoints Visa to make earning points way easier.
MyPoints members also enjoy the relative ease of using and the simplicity of earning rewards. I also love MyPoints toolbar, it helps you Find the offers, products, merchants and rewards available at MyPoints. You can see your points balance all the time using their ToolBar. You will get paid for searching using it too.
By: (viewpoints)

MyPoints Review #7

Iíve been a member since 2001, have earned 75000+ points and $500+ worth of gift certificates. As a member of other redeem points for gift certificate programs, I have a deep respect for how honest and easy-to-use is. Earning points isnít as simple as visiting a bunch of websites, but the points I do earn and redeem get me rewards FAST!
You still have many other ways to earn with MyPoint by taking & completing surveys, shopping online, playing games, complete free & paid (credit card) offers.
Every email you click & read through gets you 5 pts. But the real points are earned by shopping or taking part in offers. If you get the CitiBank/MyPoints MasterCard, you get 2500 points (just for activating the card)
By: lritter67 (mouthshut)

MyPoints Review #8

I first joined about six and a half years ago and have been shopping with MyPoints since then. MyPoints has allowed me to be able to take surveys online, get great deals on my online purchases and earn lots of points for doing what I normally do online. I have been able to redeem my points for many certificate gift cards and special MyPoint online offers.
I recommend this website to anybody looking for a great deal on shopping online & earn points for rewards.
With MyPoints you should expect Free Stuff, Many online websites & merchants list to choose from, Terrific savings!, Great Website to use, Easy way to earn points, Surveys and Offers earn you points, Points can be used in many ways, New updated website makes things easier, Easier shopping online.
By: eviegreengirl (viewpoints)

MyPoints Review #9

I've been a satisfied member of MyPoints for quite awhile. I've redeemed many, many MyPoints rewards, Giftcards, Gift certificates and whenever I redeem a reward, it shows up in my mailbox in less than a week. In an easy way, You can earn with MyPoint by clicking ads, read emails, play games, shop online from their merchants list, and many more. You can also build your downline by refering friends, family and people online which will help you increase your earning in an excellent way.
Don't forget to apply for their CitiBank Visa or Mastercard.
I enjoyed using MyPoints here in USA but It was also easy to use it in my vacation over Canada. I really Love MyPoints so much!
By: writeman47 (my3cents)

MyPoints Review #10

My points is another internet scheme that rewards you with points, which you can turn into vouchers for various retailers to gain money off on their products. It is free to join and use.
The very basic concept of Mypoints, is that you earn points to exchange for various rewards. And there are various ways to earn points which include; registering, visiting websites, taking & completing surveys, playing games, click ads, etc. You can also download MyPoint toolbar which always a good help to boost your earning & rewards.
If you use eBay & creditcards then Mypoints would be a good way to get some of your spent money back. Me & my friends enjoy using MyPoints in UK. I also have friends from Canada & USA who enjoy it even more
By: dannycoward (dooyoo)

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